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Block paved Driveways - The Wirral

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Sub base for block paving.



Sadly, the driveway paving business does attract the "cowboys". Here today and most definitely gone tomorrow as soon as they have been paid and before the faults begin to show.

There are gangs of itinerant driveway "contractors" who tour the country, deliberately staying not too long in any place. They may have colour leaflets supposedly showing their recent work but anyone can download pictures from the Internet.

Make sure you vet any contractor you propose to hire.

Is the company registered at Companies House? What do Internet searches reveal. Are they able to provide you with locations of recent local work they have completed?

Shown here are some typical examples of poor workmanship. Jobs where we have been called in to put things right:

Uneven block laying which causes puddles to form

Conflicting gradients that prevent proper rainwater run off

Inadequate sub-base, improper compaction of sub-base and absence of mortar and concrete haunching to edges.

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